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Míl is an Irish pot still gin, distilled with fragrant Mediterranean botanicals and bursting with southern sunshine.

The small-batch gin is distilled with Almond, Basil, Bergamot Orange, Gooseberry, Juniper, Olives, Orris, Rosemary and Thyme.

On the nose it has summer fresh citrus and subtle herb notes of basil, thyme, rosemary and piney juniper. The taste is fresh bittersweet with a clean citrus finish.

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Signature serve Indian Tonic Water, wedge of grapefruit and basil leaf garnish.
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Our Warrior

So goes the tale of Míl ...

The warrior who voyaged over the sea from Iberia to Eireann, where he ascended the lands of Ireland, be- coming the father of the Gaels.

Such was the spirit of Míl, the crusader did not rest during the epic crossing of the nine waves, until his destiny was reached.

Upon alighting on this green isle of mist and rain, a spirit appeared con rming the prophecy of his coming declaring it “The island everlasting of Míl”.

Against the great magic of the Tuath Dé, the soldier defeated the pagan gods, claiming the land of the living for his daughters and his sons.

And so the Milesian tribe came to rest in Ireland.

And this land became home for the sons and daughters of Míl, whose ancestors had travelled the earth for mil-

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Our Voyage

Míl Gin was created by a team of adventurous ginthusi- asts from the Pearse Lyons Distillery which is located in the historic St. James Church in Dublin.

Inspired by the warm golden light from the stain glass window which depicts the Camino de Santiago in North-West Spain, where tradition has it St. James is buried, they began exploring recipes for an Iberian-Irish fusion gin.

This voyage of discovery led them to Míl, the mythical Spanish warrior who’s descendants populated our land. The sons of Míl were said to have brought the warm a- vours of the sun to Ireland.

Míl Gin captures the essence of this expedition, su using pure Irish gin with the taste of the sunny Iberian penin- sula - land of Almonds, Basil, Bergamot Orange, Goose- berry, Juniper, Olive, Orris, Rosemary and Thyme.

A pure spirit infused with zesty, fragrant southern sun- shine.

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  • 51 Bar
  • 57 The Headline
  • BOCO
  • Bowes Bar
  • Bradys Pub
  • Brickyard
  • Costigans
  • Crusoes Fusion Ltd